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Your network will need to meet the needs of your community and do so in such a way that it is viable and sustainable from a commercial viewpoint and as well as from a practical point of view. Your network could include optical fibre runs, radio access networks, point-to-point microwave links, masts and electrical power facilities, all of which needs to be planned and designed. You will need to consider coverage and capacity requirements, end-user devices, access to radio spectrum, access to mast sites and associated planning consent, network security, and more.

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  • Technology & Engineering
    Your network will require various technological components and engineering activities. This section provides an overview of network architecture and design considerations, ranging from radio and fibre connectivity through to masts and electrical power.
  • Spectrum
    One of the most important steps in designing your network is selecting its radio spectrum - carrier frequency and bandwidth - as it influences network performance and equipment availability. This page gives a primer on key principles of the spectrum.
  • Security
    Security takes many forms in private networks, including device security, user security and more.
  • Sites & Planning
    To build your network, you will require access to land for erecting masts and running fibre. This section considers land access permissions and matters relating to planning consent.