Operate Your Network and 'Run Your Business'

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In order to operate your network, you will need to define and establish processes and procedures for monitoring, managing, and maintaining the network and its constituent components, as well as how you will manage customers and bill them accordingly.

  • Operations
    Any network will require ongoing maintenance and operation. This section considers approaches and options for operating and managing your network.
  • Security
    Security takes many forms in telecommunications networks, including business security, physical and network security, security regulations, supply chain security and customer data security. This section provides an introduction to these topics.
  • Regulatory Considerations
    The Communications Act 2003 governs the activity of Communications Providers in the UK. In order to become an operator, you need to register as a Communications Provider or work with companies that have already been granted powers by Ofcom under the Electronic Communications Code. This section gives an overview of telecommunications regulations related to the provision of telecommunications services in the UK.