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In order to build a commercially viable and sustainable network, you will need to have a solid business plan that clearly defines how you will deliver digital connectivity services that meet the community's needs, and how this will be done in a way that is financially sustainable. This involves identifying your community's needs and the applications and use cases that the network will need to support, as well as working out business models, conducting cost/revenue analyses and setting up the community enterprise organisation that will secure the funding and finance you need to build and operate your network and 'run the business' going forward:

  • Identifying Your Connectivity Needs
    Each community is different, and so too are its connectivity needs. You will need to consider various factors when starting to think about developing a community-led solution for your area.
  • Community Organisation
    In order to progress with a connectivity project, you will need to form a community enterprise. This section describes and compares various community-led organisational structures.
  • Business Models
    The commercial viability of your community network hinges on the business model being suitable and fit for purpose. This section will help you to explore features and options that will inform your business model.
  • Funding and Finance
    In order to develop a community-owned network, you will need to secure funding to finance for your project. This section outlines potential sources of funding and finance for your community venture.